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Luxe City Guides Archives - Page 2 of 2 - The Cultureur | For the Modern Global Citizen

48 Hours in New Delhi, India

February 17, 2013

A city where old world charm and modern aspirations jostle for survival, New Delhi has often been compared to a phoenix rising from the ashes. The dynamic city-state of New Delhi has sustained a lasting affair with conquest and change, after having been occupied, plundered, abandoned […]

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24 Hours in Istanbul, Turkey

November 4, 2012

Istanbul’da hos geldiniz—welcome to Istanbul!

Istanbul is a tale of two cities. Straddling Europe and Asia and divided by the strait of Bosporus, the former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires is the only metropolitan city that has its foot […]

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48 Hours in Berlin, Germany

October 25, 2012

Berlin, often referred to as a “poor, but sexy” city is the political and cultural capital of Germany. Although it attracts a steady stream of artists, writers, and intellectuals, there is something for all tastes, interests, and budgets. After twenty years of the fall of the Berlin Wall […]

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24 Hours in Rome, Italy

September 25, 2012

24 Hours in Rome — It is no surprise that Rome is often called the “Eternal City”; its fascinating treasures warrant a lifetime of exploration. Nestled on the Tiber River, the ancient city is a city of layers, where contemporary establishments are built on thousands of years of […]

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