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#SeeTheWorld Twitter Chat

To all you fabulous armchair and real-life travelers out there…

Do you have a deep curiosity and/or blazing passion for other cultures? If the answer is yes, then you won’t want to miss the new #SeeTheWorld chat on Twitter, as we know there is much more to a country than famous landmarks and clichéd itineraries! Join @TheCultureur every first Wednesday of the month at 12pPST/3pEST to explore a new destination by taking a 360* approach to stimulate discussion on all things related to travel, culture, lifestyle, and food.

For every chat, we also aim to bring in sponsors and co-hosts that offer a unique expertise and/or perspective about the destination, so if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or co-host, please contact me at for more information.

  • Some of our past sponsors have included: Assouline, Preferred Hotel Group, Walks of Italy Tours, Hotel Sacher, GowithOh! Apartment Rentals, Pilliteri Winery, Easy Tours of India, Historic Hotels of America, and Magellan’s Travel Supplies.
  • Feel free to check out a few sample stats from our USAUK, and San Francisco chats.

As an extension of the chat, we’ve created #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation, a new series that highlights top travel posts from bloggers/writers who imbibe the ethos of our #SeeTheWorld chat and make the travel blogosphere (and beyond) a little more beautiful and inspiring with their words and photos.

With a community of more than 300 members, feel free to use #SeeTheWorld for all your posts related to travel, culture, food, photography, and style to ensure likeminded individuals find your posts and to keep the community growing!

Follow #SeeTheWorld on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on fabulous giveaways and upcoming countries/cities! 



September 3: Autumn Adventures

photo 5

August 6: Beach Travel


July 2: Festivals Around the World

july #seetheworld

June 4: Taste the World


May 7: Hotels and Wellness

Giveaway: travel wellness box by iHeartMD




April 2: France



March 5: Los Angeles


February 12: San Francisco

Giveaway: 2-night stay at Pier 2620 Hotel Fisherman’s Wharf, courtesy of Preferred Hotel Group


February 5: Vienna


January 29: Bangkok


January 22: Brussels


January 15: Mexico City

Mexico City

January 8: New York City

New York City

December 4: New Delhi

New Delhi

November 27: Berlin


November 20: Istanbul


November 13: Sydney


November 6: Cape Town

Cape Town

October 30: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

October 23: Rome


October 16: London


October 9: Amsterdam


October 2: Paris



September 25: Turkey

After having our fill of Kilkenny we head to the edge of Europe to explore the ever beguiling Turkey: a place where West and East collide and the old and new worlds find common ground. Home to the old Constantinople, Turkey is so much more than that. There’s the beaches and the mountains, the architecture and the art, and of course (how could we forget?) all those delicious Turkish delights! Maybe you’ve already been to Turkey or you’re planning on heading that way soon, either way don’t miss #SeeTheWorld on September 25th as we talk travel, culture, food, society and so much more!


September 18: Ireland

After getting lost in the enormous nation of China we head back to Europe to stroll the rolling green hills of Ireland, where pots of gold are supposedly on every corner and leprechauns help you to find your way. It’s the country where you can spend your days touring age old castles, walking countless trails, or road-tripping from Dublin to Cork and having plenty of Guinness along the way. Maybe you’ve been to Ireland or you’re planning a trip soon, regardless join us on September 18th to share your thoughts, pick up some great tips, and #SeeTheWorld!


September 11: China

After stuffing ourselves with chocolate in Belgium, we endure a long-haul flight East to uncover the billion-strong country of China. A land of contradictions, China has a rich history laden with tradition. It’s unlikely you’ll experience a minute of boredom as you find yourself breathless trekking along the Great Wall, meandering through the Forbidden City, touring the metropolis of Hong Kong, or climbing the peaks of Yangshuo. Maybe you’ve been to Asia’s biggest nation or you might be planning a trip one of these days, regardless we hope you take part in #SeeTheWorld on September 11th to share your experiences and be inspired! 加入我们吧!


September 4: Belgium

After frolicking around in the UK we hop on the Eurostar so we can explore the unassuming nation of Belgium: the country we should credit for waffles and french fries (sorry France), the world’s best beer and some of the world’s best chocolate. It’s where the EU and NATO come home to roost, where citizens have proven a government really isn’t all that necessary, and a peeing boy (Manneken Pis) is the most popular person in Brussels. Maybe you’ve been to this European destination or perhaps you’ll pass through on your way to another locale, regardless we hope you take part in #SeeTheWorld on September 4th to share your experiences and take part in a luxurious giveaway courtesy of @TheHotelBXL.* Bis bald! A bientôt! Zie je dan!


August 28: United Kingdom

After a stunning time in Japan, we endure another 12-hour flight so we can faff about in the United Kingdom: one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations that is made up of four countries and still proudly boasts a monarchy. It’s the place that brought us afternoon tea and killer accents, moorish custard, and the likes of William, Harry, Mr. Bean and J.K. Rowling. Chances are you’ve been to this popular European destination, and if not, you’re certainly planning a visit someday soon, regardless we hope you take part in #SeeTheWorld on August 28th to share your thoughts on this regal nation and take part in a giveaway courtesy of the Preferred Hotel Group (@iPrefer). A luxury countryside getaway at Ellenborough Park in the Cotswolds is up for grabs! We have two very special co-hosts: @NoToPaperTigers and @Triptease. See you then!

UK #Seetheworld

August 21: Japan

Having stuffed ourselves senseless with all the goodness Sweden had to offer, we now make the long-haul journey to Japan: a country steeped in tradition, the “Land of the Rising Sun” has plenty to offer by way of culture, shopping, food, and natural wonders. You may have traveled/lived in Japan or maybe you’re eagerly planning your first visit, either way we hope you take part in #SeeTheWorld on August 21st to share your thoughts on this Asian darling and take part in giveaways courtesy of Preferred Hotel Group (@iPrefer) and Fushigi Shop (@WorshipBlues). A fabulous 2-night stay for 2 at the Kyoto Tokyu Hotel and a hand-crafted foldable bag are up for grabs! 私たちに参加!

 #SeeTheWorld Japan

August 14: Sweden

After spending a bit too much time under the Portuguese sun, we are headed North to cool off on the shores of Sweden: the largest of the Nordic countries, it’s the land of the midnight sun and the Vikings (of course!) and home to delicacies like pickled herring, gravlax, and the infamous meatballs. You may have spent some time in Sweden or perhaps you’re in the early stages of planning a trip sometime later this year, regardless of your status come and check out #SeeTheWorld on August 14th to share your thoughts on this natural beauty and be inspired to book your next trip there. Se dig då!!

#SeeTheWorld Sweden

August 7: Portugal

After having our fill of black forest cake in Germany, we travel West so we can explore Portugal: a hidden gem in Europe that boasts savory tapas, delicious wine, beautiful landscapes, and white sandy beaches. Perhaps you’ve visited or lived in Portugal or you’re planning a trip there in the near future, either way come and check out #SeeTheWorld on August 7th to share your thoughts and ideas and be inspired. Se juntar a nós!


July 31: Germany

After jet-setting around the world and talking about every country imaginable, we head back to the European Union so we can get lost in Germany: land of Sauerkraut and Currywurst, Glühwein, the Reichstag, the Black Forest and…of course…Oktoberfest! Perhaps you’ve visited, or lived in Deutschland or you’re simply planning a Berlin/Dresden/Cologne/Munich/Dusseldorf city break soon, either way join #SeeTheWorld on July 31st to share your thoughts and ideas and take part in a luxe giveaway courtesy of @Vallure. Jawohl!


July 24: Global Edition

Instead of focusing on a country this week we’re having a Global Edition of #SeeTheWorld where we’ll hop from continent to country and urban center to hidden hamlets. The point of this week’s chat is for YOU to share your best/favorite/most memorable experiences with us and so we can get to get to know the people who are part of the #SeeTheWorld community just a little bit better. You may have 50+ stamps in your passport or maybe you’re the resident expert on your state/province/region/hometown. Perhaps you’re still on the move as you live out a jet-set life or you might just be planning your first trip to some far-off locale. Regardless of your travel status join #SeeTheWorld on July 24th to share your thoughts, learn something new, pick up some tips, and get connected with other like-minded people. Keep in mind there will also be fantastic giveaways courtesy of @MagellansTravel, so it’s advised that you make space in your schedule and join us!

Global Edition

July 17: Brazil

After indulging in all the goodness that Spain had to offer, we cross the Atlantic yet again and go south to spend some time in Brazil: where you can snap some panoramic photos from the top of Corcovado Mountain, stay up all night dancing the samba in Rio, take in the natural beauty of Belo Horizonte, or eat and drink to your heart’s content in the country’s ever popular bodegas. You may have spent some time in Brazil, or you might just be planning your first trip there, either way join #SeeTheWorld on July 17th to share your thoughts and get connected with other like-minded people!


July 10: Spain

After flying the stars and stripes for the United States of America, we are off to Europe to size up Spain: where we can dance the bolero, observe a bullfight, take in some Gaudi architecture, and then wash it down with some killer Tempranillo and mouth watering tapas. Perhaps you’ve traipsed across Spain, or maybe you’re planning your first trip there, either way join the #SeeTheWorld on July 10th to share your thoughts about Spain and possibly win a fabulous giveaway, courtesy of GowithOh! We also have a special co-host, @anapiccola to offer her first-hand insight and travel tips!


July 3: USA

After checking out the mesmerizing South Africa last week we head west in order to celebrate the 4th of July and take a look at the United States of America: the place where bigger is often better (true no?) and where Los Angeles sparkles, New York glitters and innovation, food, diversity, fashion, and the arts crop up everywhere else in between. Chances are you’ve been to at least one of the 50 states (if not, no worries — this will inspire an upcoming trip!) so don’t miss #SeeTheWorld on July 3rd to talk ‘merica and possibly win fabulous giveaways, courtesy of Historic Hotels of America (@HistoricHotelAm)! We also have 3 very special co-hosts: @Jayne_tweets@elATLboy, and @AFARmedia!


June 26: South Africa

Week 12-South Africa

June 19: India

India SeeTheWorld Chat

June 12: Austria

Austria See The World Chat

June 5: Indonesia

Indonesia #SeeTheWorld Chat

May 29: Italy

Italy #SeeTheWorld Chat

May 22: Canada


May 15: Egypt


May 8: Australia


May 1: Mexico


April 24: Thailand


April 17: Argentina


April 10: France

Starting on April 10, we’re kickstarting the chat series with France – the darling of Europe – so regardless of whether you live there and have firsthand info to share, or you’re a self-proclaimed Francophile, there will be something for everyone, including a special giveaway by Assouline, premier publisher of luxury and culture books! Join us to share ideas, get inspired, and #SeeTheWorld!


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