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Top Travel Blogs :: #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation : Part III

Top Travel Blogs :: #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation : Part III

top travel blogs creation curation #seetheworld

TOP TRAVEL BLOGS — Hundreds, if not thousands of new globetrotters, culture vultures, style mavens, photography enthusiasts, and food fanatics attempt to create their imprint on the blogosphere (and beyond) daily. Completely subjective, some are bad, some are good, and some are so great that it’d be a sin not to share that greatness. That’s why we (@TheCultureur and @RovingAltruist) bring you #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation, a new series that highlights top travel posts from bloggers/writers who imbibe the ethos of our #SeeTheWorld chat and make the travel blogosphere (and beyond) a little more beautiful and inspiring with their words and photos. Given the success of #SeeTheWorld on Twitter, we’ve set our sights on expanding the #SeeTheWorld community by cutting through the noise of the countless travel/expat/culture related blogs/websites on the information superhighway to bring you some enjoyable and inspiring articles on all things related to travel and culture around the world.

Our mission: You create, we curate.


1) Social Media and the World of Food by Food and the Fab

2) Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy by Wait But Why

3) Wonderfully Bizarre Travel Experiences by Bruised Passports

4) My Place. My Dublin. by Need Another Holiday

5) The Lost Art of the Flaneur by Intellectual Masculinity

6) Why Women Should Travel by 6 Months to Live

7) Food Porn: A Year of Food from Around the World by Backpack Me

8) Common Misconceptions about Costa Rica by My Tan Feet

9) Trip Report: Kabul, Afghanistan (Part 1) by PointChaser

10) Why We Travel by Pico Iyer

#SeeTheWorld Creation Curation is by invitation only, but feel free to tweet your favorite blog post to @TheCultureur and/or @RovingAltruist at any time and you may be featured in our next installment! No sponsored posts will be used, so please don’t send those for consideration!

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