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Escaping to Alaska’s Best-kept Secret

steamboat bay lodge, alaska | the cultureur

In the age of mass tourism, it’s a luxury to find an exclusive corner of the world that has been largely under the radar and is still one of the state’s best-kept secrets. In southeast Alaska, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club on the remote, private island of Noyes Island is a treasure trove of alpine and water adventures, most notably fishing. Had you told me I was going to a fishing lodge about even 5 years ago, I might have told you that you were nuts. But I’m so, so glad that my interests have expanded and my definition of luxury has evolved. Though I’m a city girl at heart, I’ve been gravitating towards finding quaint pockets of tranquility amidst the outdoors, a respite from the chaos and challenges of urban life.
While I may not have loved (or even liked) fishing, I found my own perfect respite. With no cell service, it was a much-needed break from the troubles of the world. Truth be told, it’s the longest break I’ve taken from the news in a few years. And it felt so damn good. Instead, I indulged in some yoga by the water, kayaking, wellness, the art of conversation and idleness, watching Chef Joe work his magic in the kitchen, exploring the area on an ATV, whale watching, and taking walks through the Tongass National Forest. I’d absolutely go back in a heartbeat (though they’re only open from June to August and usually at full occupancy).
It’s the perfect antidote to cliched, mass-market itineraries that are cropping up everywhere.
I want to thank the entire staff and crew of Steamboat Bay Fishing Club for their incredible hospitality and for inviting me on an adventure I may have overlooked on my own. Places like these remind you that it’s the immense beauty of the world around us and the kindness of complete strangers that make travel so rewarding and incredibly powerful. ❤️ ????

A few quick facts:

-Open 6 years ago in 2012
-Starts at $6515 for 3 nights/3 full days
-Open from early June to late August
-Gets booked quickly, almost 8 months in advance
-Main lure is king salmon fishing (but there’s also silver salmon, halibut, lingcod, yellow eye, and various rockfish)


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