Assouline Lounge: A Cafe, Art Gallery, and Bookstore in Seoul

Words by:

Nyssa P. Chopra

Assouline specializes in luxury books on art, fashion, and lifestyle. You’ve probably seen the eye-catching, glossy-paged books resting beautifully on a coffee table. But now you can experience the concept instead of just reading about it. The French husband and wife duo have decided to bring their signature book to life by inaugurating the first Assouline Lounge in Seoul, Korea. The 3,800-square-foot hybrid space features a cafe, bookstore, and art gallery, and hopes to become one of the city’s glamorous cultural hotspots. Some of the highlights include: crimson walls adorned with quotes in calligraphy, a floor-to-ceiling Mondrian Book Wall, and wooden tables topped with intricate literary paraphernalia such as leaf quill pens, crocodile letter openers, and magnifying glasses.

This is yet another reason why I should visit Korea soon, as if I needed any more excuses.

Assouline Lounge in Seoul, Korea (Photo Credit: