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→ Sustainable Tourism/Luxury Travel Consulting
→ Digital Marketing — social media strategy, email marketing, strategic partnerships, copywriting, and content marketing
→ Hotel Guest Experience for Millennials
Luxe Concierge — premium trip and travel planning, designing, and curating services
→ Legal Consulting — FTC disclosures, influencer marketing, trademarks, copyrights, privacy, social media, advertising law
→ Freelance writing — travel journalism, the business of travel, interviews with travel industry leaders, and travel/tourism trend reports
→ Marketing campaigns and newsletter advertising
Please inquire for rates of all options.
Editorial Policy: 
Please do not send in unsolicited requests for guest posts or content that you think “may be of interest to my readers” — I only post about my personal experiences. I do not write about destinations or hotels that I have not personally visited. I am very selective about the companies I choose to work with, so please only send me proposals that align well with my brand.
Disclosure Policy: 
My ideas may be for hire, but my opinion is never for sale. All sponsored content will be in accordance with FTC disclosures so there will always be full disclosure about whether services, products, or hotel stays were provided complimentary or paid for with my own money. No matter what company/hotel that I decide to partner with, my review will never be swayed one way or the other. After all, if my experience was sub-par, and I continue to falsely rave about certain products or services, no one will benefit–not me, not you, not the company/hotel (they’ll never improve!). So, trust that you’ll receive 100% truth in every review.


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