Berlin, Do You Read Me?!

Words by:

Nyssa P. Chopra

Berlin attracts a steady stream of intellectuals, writers, and artists. In other words, you will find creativity at its finest in the German capital. The value placed on fields such as art, architecture, literature, and the likes is tremendous, so it is no surprise that a store like Do You Read Me?! exists right in the heart of the city.

Do You Read Me?! is a one of a kind magazine and book shop that promotes beautiful international periodicals covering design, fashion, culture, architecture, photography, art, literature, music, and politics by offering a selected assortment from around the world. Their well-versed associates can even offer advice on compiling your own personal collection. So if you want a copy of the latest Vogue Japan or NewYorker, you’re finally in luck.

I stumbled upon this treasure trove when I was in need of the Economist one day. As one of my favorite finds in the city, I recall spending hours in the shop, perusing the shelves and leaving with reading material to last me for days. Until my next visit, that is.

Auguststrasse 28, 10117 Berlin-Mitte (