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GLAMOROUS. That’s the first word that popped into my head when I stepped into my room at the Loews Hôtel Vogue, Montréal. The lobby was cozy and chic, while the room was sophisticated and classy. I’ve always been impressed with the Loews properties that I’ve stayed at, and the Montréal property was no different.
The Loews Hôtel Vogue Montréal is nestled in the heart of downtown on the Golden Mile and features 142 guest rooms, including 14 suites. The hotel appeals to the leisure luxury traveler with its prime proximity to the city’s best boutiques. The recent $10 million renovations completed in 2013 have upgraded the hotel with modern improvements — a glamorous lobby and eye-catching decor including a sparkling pendant chandelier, plush velvet seating, and deco-inspired furniture.
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-Thank you for the thoughtful welcome amenity — a book on Montreal flavors and restaurants. Can’t wait to cook some of the recipes in my own kitchen!
-Check-out was a breeze, but I had to wait a bit upon checkin. I’m not a happy camper if I have to wait to check-in/check-out.
-Water is complimentary — can’t believe some hotels don’t get something as simple as this. I always appreciate small gestures like this as it signals to me that the hotel is focusing more on the experience instead of nickel and diming the guest.
-The location is perfect — nestled in the very heart of downtown Montreal, in close proximity to tons of shopping, restaurants, bars, parks, etc.
-The room was very spacious and comfortable.
-The city views from the room were beautiful!
-Loved the complimentary coffee in the lobby — quick and easy for on-the-go travelers.
-The lovely curtains weren’t solely for show and managed to perfectly block out the morning sunlight, making it easier for me to sleep in — a MUST on vacation.
-The service was wonderful — attentive, hospitable, and warm. From the front desk to the housekeeping staff to the concierge, the service was great!
-Loved the understated palette of neutrals and pops of teals and reds dotted throughout the property
-The bedding was as luxurious as can be, with a surfeit of fluffy pillows.
-24-hour fitness services were available on the property with your room key.
-There was a NORMAL hair dryer that was actually functional.
-Comfy, fluffy robes were appreciated!
-The toiletries were personally branded by the hotel — not my favorite.
-WiFi is complimentary and works well — yes!
-Room service was very quick and efficient. I also love that it’s 24 hours.
-Lots of outlets near the bed — perfect for digital travelers.
-Loved that the bathtub was separate from the standing shower.
-While there’s no actual spa, I love that they offer customized treatments and services that can be carried out in your room, whether it’s getting your hair done or indulging in a facial/massage.


-There was no email correspondence before my stay.
-No social media activity before, during, or after my stay — this could have elevated the guest experience even more.
-Breakfast was not included.
-There’s no house car for guest use.
-The lighting in the bathroom is not optimal for vanity purposes. As a point of personal preference, I didn’t like that the tiles and decor in the bathroom were black.
-Turn-down service was disappointingly ordinary for a hotel of this caliber. Given that it’s Montreal, there’s a lot they can use to their advantage and a little extra something out of the ordinary would have been a great touch.

Duration: 2 nights, November 1-3, 2015 

BOTTOM LINE: After my less than optimal stay at Hotel Le Crystal down the road, I was looking forward to Loews Hôtel Vogue. With fantastic service and chic, glamorous decor, Loews Hôtel Vogue exudes a sophisticated flair without being stuffy. Of the two luxury hotels I experienced in Montreal, this was a clear winner. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a home away from home in Montreal!

*Disclosure: I was a guest of the hotel, but views are my own and accurately reflect my stay. My room was 901. This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never promote a product or service that I would not personally use.

**My policy: there will always be full disclosure about whether my stay was hosted by the hotel or paid for with my own money. And even if the hotel decides to offer complimentary services, my review will never be swayed one way or the other. After all, if my experience was sub-par, and I continue to falsely rave about their services, no one will benefit–not me, not you, not the hotel (they’ll never improve!). So, trust that you’ll receive 100% truth in every review.

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