A Live Tribute to I Love Lucy in Chicago (and Around the U.S.)

Words by:

Nyssa P. Chopra
To be honest, I wrote this post 2 years ago but just forgot to publish it then. However, it’s just as relevant today as it was then — I still LOVE Lucy and the troupe is starting its 3rd national tour soon!
I finally saw the I Love Lucy musical live on stage! Yes, I did. It was quite possibly the best 95 minutes I’ve spent in Chicago. I missed their first run in LA because I was abroad, but when I found out that they were playing in Chicago, I had to make it happen on my next Chicago trip.
I have literally loved Lucy since I was a little girl, with memories dating back to ages 5 or 6. Even at that age, Lucy had the power to get me up at 4 am just to watch re-runs of her episodes. Even now, though I own the entire set and can watch it any time I want, there’s a rush of excitement every time I’m flipping through the channels and spot I Love Lucy. I’m not lying when I say I’ve seen every episode of all 9 seasons more than 100 times and can recite the dialogue with ease as I watch. I could see a scene at any point of the episode and within seconds, I can tell you what the episode is. And the best part is that I still laugh, even though I very well know what hair-brained scheme she’s about to pull and what hilarious line she’s about to say.
Being able to witness the musical re-enactment of these classic episodes live on stage was a sheer delight for me and my sense of excitement was carved all over my face. I had an ear-to-ear grin that nothing could take down, not even the brutal February temperatures in Chicago. To be honest, I can’t understand what took so long for this beloved classic to hit the live stage. But I’m glad they finally did because it needed to be done.
While I loved every moment of the 95-minute rendition, I did have a few minor critiques, which I’m sure were a result of being super, super versed in the complete dialogues of the show and paying extremely close attention to every mannerism and facial expression that makes Lucy who she is.
Barring the minor critiques, would I watch the show all over again? Oh, you betcha! Now that it’s moving onto its 3rd national tour, I can’t wait to see the new lineup of cities!
Thank you for paying homage to one of the greatest and funniest women Hollywood has ever seen!