Photo Essay: The Glory of Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland

Words by:

Nyssa P. Chopra

This is the first of many posts from my 2 months in Iceland!

Built in 2011 and home to the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Harpa Concert Hall is one of the finest examples of Nordic ingenuity in the spheres of design and architecture. I’ve been to many cities around the region, and while I’m a big fan of Nordic architecture and the striking craftsmanship that it entails, nothing has blown me away as much as this geometric glass and steel masterpiece. It’s an absolute must-see in Reykjavik for any art, design, culture, and/or architecture lovers.
A quick tip: During my two months in Reykjavik, I visited the building more than 30 times — I just couldn’t help myself, especially when there was a blazing sunset on the horizon — picture perfect! I’d recommend visiting multiple times throughout the day to see it in different lights.
It’s a visual wonder from every angle and in every light, particularly at sunset when it’s bathed in the glowing light of the drowning sun. The pictures below will easily show you why it is my favorite building in Reykjavik!
If you get a chance, attend one of the many live shows. I watched the hilarious improv comedy show (How to Be Icelandic in 60 Minutes) one of my last nights there — highly recommended!
The two fabulous architects:
1) Ólafur Elíasson
2) Henning Larsen
Harpa Concert Hall