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Travel Chats on Twitter

Travel Chats on Twitter

May 23, 2013

Travel chats on Twitter are a great way to meet likeminded people, share ideas for destinations, and get inspired to book your next flight! Not to mention, they’re also very entertaining! Here’s a roundup of my favorite travel chats on Twitter:



Summary: #GirlsTravel is the only travel-themed Twitter chat exclusively for women. New topics are discussed every week.

Time: 10aPST/1pEST, 30 minutes

Hosts: @travelgogirl, @turnipseeds, and more


Summary: A travel photography chat where you can share your pictures and learn techniques to take better photos.

Time: 12pPST/3pEST

Hosts: @AntiTourist, @PoonamParihar, and more



Summary: #TTOT stands for Travel Talk on Twitter and was one of the first travel-related chats. With a slew of hosts every week, new topics related to travel are discussed.

Time: 9:30aGMT and 9:30pGMT

Hosts: @TravelDudes, @RoniWeiss, and more

For more information: Facebook



Summary: #NUTS stands for Not-So Usual Therapy Session, and again, delves into all things travel.

Time: 12:30pPST/3:30pEST, 1 hour

Hosts: @Midliferoadtrip, @SandiMcKenna, and more



Summary: #RATW stands for Reality Abroad Talk Wednesday where experiences and ideas about the realities of life abroad are shared.

Time: 9aPST/12pEST, 1 hour

Host: @RealityAbroad


Summary: #ExpediaChat talks all things travel and offers vouchers/goodies during every chat.

Time: 10:30aPST/1:30pEST, 90 minutes

Hosts: @Expedia and @SpencerSpellman


Summary: #SeeTheWorld is a [] chat that explores destinations beyond cliched itineraries, featuring a new destination every month and fabulous giveaways.

Time: 12pPST/3pEST, 1 hour (every first Wednesday of the month)

Host: @TheCultureur

For more information: Facebook and Twitter



Summary: #RTWchat is specially geared towards long-term trips.

Time: 12:30pPST/3:30pEST

Host: @BootsnAll


Summary: #Travex is an all-around travel chat with a new theme each week.

Time: 2pPST/5pEST

Hosts: @TravelSquire, @MGPtravelblog, and more



Summary: #JSETT is yet another travel-themed chat with new topics every week.

Time: 10:30pPST

Host: @JetSetExtra


Summary: #TNI stands for Travelers’ Night In and is great for travel planners and travel addicts.

Time: 3:30pEST, 90 minutes

Host: @ZipSetGo



Summary: #TravelSkills is great for travel tips and other travel-related discussions.

Time: 9aPST/12pEST, 1 hour

Hosts: @johnnyjet and @cjmcginnis

Feel free to add any new Twitter travel chats that I might have missed in the comment section below so everyone can see them!

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