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[Interview] Education Entrepreneur Paula Laurel Dara Jackson, Founder of Kiddify, A Travel Sharing Platform for Children by Children

June 5, 2013

All children are born with a great deal of curiosity and talent but not all for them have opportunities to nourish them.

KIDDIFY — Meet Dr. Paula Laurel Dara Jackson, a global nomad who understood the transformative power of travel at a […]

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[Interview] Social Entrepreneur Julia Kastner, Founder of Eva & Paul, A Socially-Conscious Premium Organic Denim Brand for Women

May 28, 2013

Meet Julia Kastner, founder of Eva & Paul, a socially-conscious, premium organic denim line for women, focusing on the perfect sizing and boosting sustainability, while supporting local farmers and artisans in rural India.

While traveling in Mexico as a Kiva Microfinance Fellow, Julia […]

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[Interview] Microfinance Entrepreneur Shyam K. Iyer, Founder of SKI Charities, An Organization Dedicated to Women’s Empowerment

April 20, 2013

Talent is universal. Opportunity is not.

Microfinance, a concept institutionalized in 1976 by Bangladeshi economist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Muhammad Yunus, continues to create waves in the international development world, helping to provide low-income individuals access to capital and finance […]

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[Interview] Malte Zeeck, Founder of Internations, the World’s Largest Community of Expats

March 12, 2013

Mustering up the courage to step outside your comfort zone is the first step in moving to a completely foreign and unfamiliar country and becoming an expatriate. Once you’re at your home away home, the second hardest step is building a network and meeting like-minded people […]

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