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There’s a dearth of luxury hotels in the Metro Detroit area, but the existing ones are all steeped in rich ample layers of history and culture. As a member of Marriott’s Autograph Collection Hotels and housed in the former Ritz-Carlton building, The Henry is a four-star hotel nestled in the greater Detroit area in Dearborn and located only a few minutes from the Henry Ford Museum and Ford Motors Headquarters. Hotels in the Autograph Collection keep a sharp focus on architecture, culinary, art, and history, and that signature style aligns perfectly with The Henry.

“The Autograph Collection is an evolving ensemble of strikingly independent hotels. Exactly like nothing else, each destination has been selected for its quality, bold originality, rich character and uncommon details. From near to far, iconic to historic, the result is an array of properties that is nothing less than unique, nothing short of collectively exceptional.”

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-Both check-in and check-out were a breeze; there’s express check-out. I’m not a happy camper if I have to wait to check-in/check-out.
-Water is complimentary — can’t believe some hotels don’t get something as simple as this.
-The location is great for those that don’t want to be in downtown Detroit or have business in Dearborn. It’s within walking distance of the Henry Ford Museum, the Ford Motor Headquarters, and other cultural attractions.
-The room was spacious and comfortable with modern touches dotted throughout with the contemporary artwork, high-tech accents, and warm decor.
-Room service was very quick and efficient.
-The lovely curtains weren’t solely for show and managed to perfectly block out the morning sunlight, making it easier for me to sleep in — a MUST on vacation.
-Love that they have a Club Floor where you can get complimentary refreshments and drinks throughout the day.
-Lovely views of the Detroit and Windsor skylines in the distance.
-Breakfast is included on the Club Floor.
-The Henry Bed, a top-of-the-line mattress designed exclusively for The Henry Hotel by Lady Americana is as comfortable as can be — the goose-down comforter made it difficult to wake up in the morning.
-Great that they have coffee/tea cups to-go.
-WiFi is complimentary throughout the property with a great speed — music to my ears!
-The service was hospitable and warm. From the front desk to the housekeeping staff to the concierge, the service was fantastic.
-While I love grand, opulent lobbies, I can also appreciate charming, boutique-style lobbies. The Henry lobby makes you feel right at home the moment you walk in with its subdued elegance. Walking down the main corridor makes you feel like you’re strolling through a mini vintage art gallery.
-A state-of-the-art fitness center was available, but it wasn’t open 24 hours.
-The main corridors are lined with lots of eclectic pieces of artwork, making you feel like you’re walking through a mini vintage art gallery. Guided tours of all the art is available.
-The restaurant in the hotel, Tria has won numerous awards. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check it out properly.
-There was a NORMAL hair dryer that was actually functional. It was an Andis.
-Plush comfy robes!
-There were Tarocco toiletries. They weren’t my favorite, but great to discover new brands.
-Love that there were two bathrooms — one attached to the bedroom with a large vanity and another smaller one at the entrance for guests.
-Apparently, a new designated social media manager was hired the day I checked in, so while there was no social activity before my stay, they did a great job during and after.
-Plenty of outlets near the bed for late-night work and for digital travelers.


-There was no mini bar.
-There was no turn-down service. Given that it’s the Motor City and the rich historical significance of the hotel, there’s a lot they can use to their advantage and a little extra something out of the ordinary would have been a great touch.
-There was no house car for guest use.
-There’s no spa.
-There was no welcome note — this is such a small gesture with a big impact.

Duration: 1 night, September 8, 2015 

Bottom line: I generally like to stay at a property for a minimum of two days before doing a comprehensive review because one day is not usually enough to get a proper sense of the hotel, but I only stayed at The Henry one night and didn’t get a chance to spend much time using its amenities and services. While corners of the hotel felt like they were slightly dated and catered to more traditional and older sensibilities, my overall stay was comfortable and I’d recommend the hotel to anyone looking for a luxury hotel in the Dearborn area.

*Disclosure: I was a guest of the hotel, but views are my own and accurately reflect my stay. My room was a one-bedroom suite, located on the 10th floor — the Club Floor.

**My policy: there will always be full disclosure about whether my stay was hosted by the hotel or paid for with my own money. And even if the hotel decides to offer complimentary services, my review will never be swayed one way or the other. After all, if my experience was sub-par, and I continue to falsely rave about their services, no one will benefit–not me, not you, not the hotel (they’ll never improve!). So, trust that you’ll receive 100% truth in every review.

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