Photo Essay: Seattle, the Crown Jewel of the Pacific Northwest

Words by:

Nyssa P. Chopra
I sat on my sofa on a rainy Saturday evening, staring out into the glittering lights of downtown SEATTLE and reflecting on the past few years in the Emerald City. Without ever having been to Seattle before, I had secured a place for it on my Top 10 Cities I Want to Live In list, and after London, Paris, New Delhi, Los Angeles, Berlin, and San Diego, it was Seattle’s turn. For the first month or so, while I liked it, I repeatedly asked myself what was it about the city that had lured me. A few years later, I finally have an answer. Brimming with endless potential and a chockfull of creativity, Seattle is a city of surprising contrasts, unpretentiousness, vibrant seasons, and natural beauty. Masterfully blending urban sophistication with scenic adventure, it has positioned itself as the crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest region, with evergreen forests on its outskirts and cultural institutions within. For me, the city’s splendor comes to life with its contrasting views of snow-capped peaks of Mount Rainier and the iconic Space Needle in downtown. From the frenetic cadence of the city to the constant overcast skies, Seattle feeds your soul and senses in the most unexpected ways.

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So when is your next trip to Seattle?