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100 Favorite Travel Tips

100 Favorite Travel Tips

July 13, 2015
To celebrate 75 weeks of The Cultureur, I wrote my favorite 75 travel tips. And now to celebrate 150 weeks, I bring you part II of the original list with 25 new tips, totaling my top 100 TRAVEL TIPS that are sure to make you a travel ninja.
As always, feel free to chime in with your favorite tips in the comment section below and help to bring the whole community to expert traveler status.
100 travel tips the cultureur


76) Try to fly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays — likely to yield the best fares. For weekend getaways, try leaving Thursday and coming back on Monday.
77) If you’re looking for a last-minute hotel, find out when their cancellation policy is, call the hotel directly, and see if there are any openings. Or use last-minute booking apps such as
78) Entertainment and work aside, the best things you can do for yourself on a long flight are drink lots of water and get up at least every 2 hours to stretch. Try a few basic airplane yoga moves. I try not to reach for any alcohol, but every now and then, I like to indulge with champagne, wine, or Bloody Marys.
79) If you have a very short window in between your connecting flights, consider checking in your bag to your final destination to expedite the process, especially if you have to run from one side of the airport to the other.
80) Use SeatGuru to discover the best seats for you, to find where the exit rows are, and to learn what amenities are on board your flight.
81) Just memorize your passport information — number, expiration date, etc. — you’ll thank yourself.
82) Always have chargers (phone, laptop, etc.) on hand so you never run out of juice and can keep your devices plugged in while you’re working on them. Don’t check them in.
83) Check the insurance policies of your credit cards — they may cover more than you’re aware of.
84) Look into an I Amsterdam City Card if you plan to use public transport a lot, want to visit many museums/sites, etc.
85) Carry an empty water bottle with you on the plane — you can refill it anywhere and it’s TSA-approved! There’s even deflatable types that take almost no room at all.
86) Try to pack as less as possible. Whatever you think you’ll need — slice that amount in half when you actually pack. It allows you to travel faster and easier and you’re probably not going to use it all anyway.
87) Avoid security lines with children — look for the line for business travelers. Better yet, get the Global Entry/TSA Pre-check.
88) If you don’t have regular access, pre-book an airport lounge, especially if you know you have a long layover. Take a shower, relax a bit, snooze, get healthy food, etc.
89) Invest in noise-canceling earbuds instead of headphones — headphones can be too bulky for travel.
90) For iPhone users: add your boarding passes to passbook so you’ll have easy access when your phone is locked and you don’t have to open the app every time.
91) Save yourself the money by checking in your bag at the gate instead of at check-in. Almost always, airlines are looking for volunteers to check in their bags prior to boarding, especially on full flights. Of course, this only applies to carry-on bags that can pass through security already. This is becoming more and more common as airlines skimp on overhead space. 
92) Download any maps on Google Maps you might need in a new area and don’t have mobile data or WiFi. Learn more here.
93) Use websites such as,, and for the best in first and business class fares.
94) If you want to indulge in fine dining, but funds are an issue, take a look at their prix fixe menus for lunch.
95) When booking flights and hotels online enable private browsing/incognito windows. Travel sites often track your visits via cookies and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before.
96) To reduce wrinkles in your clothes in your luggage, place tissue paper between the folds.
97) Pack your socks and other trinkets in your shoes to maximize space in your luggage.
98) Use belts to line collars of dress shirts to keep them crisp.
99) Take a photo of where you parked your car, so there’s no chance of forgetting.
100) Shameless plug: be an informed traveler and sign up for all your favorite travel blogs through email. 🙂????????

Hope you found these helpful! What are some tips you can add?

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