The Best Blueberry Donuts in Orange County…

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Nyssa P. Chopra

are sitting fresh, hot, and pretty for you at M&M Donuts, a little gem nestled in Anaheim, moments away from Disneyland. The donuts are temples of calories, but it’s ok to reward yourself every now and then. And when the dessert tastes THIS good, it makes it all worth it! Even with odd operational hours, you can expect lines at just about any time. It’s open from 9p to 2a and then 5a to 12p, so it’s perfect for night owls and early birds alike. The kiosk is run solely by one man (with the occassional help) and the process goes as follows: 1) stand in line for an hour or more; 2) place your order; 3) watch him mix the batter together and put the donuts in the oven; 4) wait 20 minutes or so; and 5) take a bite (or finish the whole donut) before you even get to the car.  So next time you’re struck with a late-night craving for incredibly fresh and delightfully warm blueberry donuts, you know where to go. They’re also known for cookies ‘n’ cream donuts, but it doesnt get any better than blueberry for me.

Address: 1614 W Katella Avenue

blueberry donuts

The best blueberry donuts in Orange County


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